How Do you Know What Clothing Brands to Trust?

There are a thousand and one decisions shoppers have to make when it comes to picking what to buy and why. With so many different brands and items to pick from, sometimes picking a single item can take more time and energy than previously expected. Especially with the proliferation of online shopping and bazaars, nowadays shopping for something like clothes can be a bit like a shot in the dark.

One of the top considerations when purchasing is, of course, how much an item costs, just like this article on All Around Mom about picking cheap and trendy prom dresses illustrates. However, there are other hidden factors beyond price that influence one’s decision to buy or not. If you’re worried about finding brands you can trust, here are some tips on picking a good brand to stick with.

Brand name

The brand name is one of the first things you take into account when you make a purchase, and there’s a good reason for it. According to an article by, clothes actually have an impact on the way you perform in your daily life and branded clothing offers a sense of quality and reassurance that in turn makes you more confident.

The reason why some brands are so easy to recall is that they’ve been around for a while and if they’ve been around for a while it probably because of their quality. While not all branded clothes may be the best quality, it’s still something to consider when buying.


Vox reports that ethical shopping is getting more and more popular, and not just because it’s the latest trend. Ethical shopping means paying more attention to where your clothes were made and how they got to you. With fast fashion being all the rage lately, quality and ethics get tossed aside for larger profits. Brands that are concerned about the ethics and impacts of their clothing are also more likely to be more careful about the quality and longevity of their items.

Doing a little bit of research on where your brand sources its materials and labor can often give you a better picture as to how well your clothes will hold up, and how long they’ll last.


Surprisingly, taking note of who’s endorsing what brand, and for how long, can also give you a clue as to how much you should trust that brand. Endorsers who stick with a company for years instead of switching contracts after a few months are actually a pretty good indication that that company has good business practices. If a celebrity with a good moral and work ethic chooses to be the face of a campaign, you can probably assume that the company can be trusted.

For example, BNY Jean’s endorser Joshua Garcia fronts the brand’s marketing campaigns and is one of many celebrity ambassadors who has been with the brand for years. As a local brand, BNY also invests in the local economy more than international brands might, whether that’s through getting local endorsers or manufacturing locally. This shows the public that they can be trusted to provide high-quality clothing and that they plan to be around for a long while.


Finally, something to take note of is the physical quality of your items. Lifehacker has a list of different things to look for when you’re setting out to buy quality clothes, but some important factors are thread count and stitching. Pick a brand that has quality fabrics that don’t look like they’ll fall apart after a few washes. If their pieces look well-made and sturdy, chances are they’ll last you a long time.

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