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My Latest Skincare Routine with Biorè and Witch Piggy Serum.

Last year, I was really interested in Korean skincare method which is you have to do the 10-steps using K-Beauty Products, I’ve tried and it really worked for me. I know, I heard you 10 steps sounds a lot but each of one product has its own job to our skin. Yes, it sounded great but it doesn’t mean that if that was worked for me, it will work for you. We have different skin types and you must know yours. I had to admit that the 10-steps Korean skincare method doesn’t really work for us because of our hot weather.

Korean skin does look really flawless and poreless because their weather really helps as well. Here we go, I’m going to tackle my latest few skincare when I got the two products Biore Facial Foam Mild and the Witch Piggy Hell Pore from Japan.


My Latest Skincare And How I Use Each Of Them


Bioré Facial Foam Mild

This is my first skincare, I wash my face with water and apply a little dot to your finger then rub it with your palm hold together and apply it to your face. Rub it at least 3 mins. Rinse well. I Used it twice a day Morning and Night. Got it from @sakurabeauty

Real Kill 9.9 Whitening Toner

This is my toner, I think it’s half gel and water so I didn’t use any cotton when applying it. Apply it all over your face just tap tap tap your skin for the best result. Used it twice a day. Morning and Night. I bought it from @makeupbuffet its P420 each.

Witch Piggy Hell Pore Control

The best serum for me. Yay. It helps whiten your skin, dark spots, pimple marks and to relieve wrinkles. It’s 97% Hyaluronic Acid which means retaining your skin to moisture, and creating a plumping effect. Apply 3 dots all over your face and wait to dry before proceeding to next skincare.  Got it from @sakurabeauty. I suggested to not apply this when you are going to wear heavy makeup.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera

I used it as my moisturizer, it really helps to close my pores. I used it twice a day. Morning and Night. I brought it from @makeuphouseph it’s P250 only.

Rania Jin Eye Cream

This is my last skincare, it brightens the eye area and improves elasticity. Apply a dot to your finger and apply it under your both eyes, wait for it to dry. I used it every night only. Bought it from @themakeuphubph. It’s around P200.

What Change in 3 Weeks?

I noticed that my skin is not much oily than before. It is more normal now and I can go outside makeup free. Yay. And my skin almost looks poreless now, some pimple marks removed. 


As you can see, I have pimples in every on my face, especially on the forehead area.


Without Makeup
Without Makeup


With Makeup

I just add eyebrow and 2 dots of Colourtint Zola to my cheeks and 1 dot Colourtint Sage on my lips. I didn’t use any BB Cream or something.


Skincare is required more patience, and it’s really great practice to good hygiene. Don’t forget to drink 8 glasses of water, it much better with skincare.

I did not suggest this type of skincare products if you have sensitive skin. Try a sample on your jaw before use it.


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  1. I tried the 10 step and it didn’t work for me. I had to cut back on the double cleansing in the am and pm as it was too harsh for my skin. I do however use some K-beauty and J-beauty that works really well.

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