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2 Types of Makeup Brush You Should Know.

Back in 2015, I was a newbie and wondering about makeup. I had no idea about what is the original vs fake makeup and the proper skincare before applying makeup, and how to use some of piece brushes. I didn’t know that there are types of brushes until I attended on Marc Passion of Works basic Makeup Class.

What are the 2 Types of Makeup Brushes?

  • Natural Brushes
  • Synthetic Brushes

Natural Brushes

Natural Brushes is made from animal hair (horse, goat, etc) and also human hair. Natural brushes is good to use on all powder makeup, it’s not best to use on creamy, liquid foundation and some makeup because it will just soak on the pores of natural hair. Some of gurus end up using it because its distribute the pigment of the makeup and it is easily to blend all the way because of the soft of bristles of the Natural Brush.

How you would know the Natural Brush?

Good question! Some of the packaging has indicated the natural brush and some are not. The Natural Brushes are soft and the smell is not similar with synthetic.

How much and Where Should I buy?

You can get it at Sephora Website. Some of prices are varies.

Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic brushes is made from Nylon. It’s the best to use in all types of makeup whether it’s creamy, liquid or powder. This is the current makeup brushes I own and I use with my clients. Synthetic Brush is easy to clean, check my previous post on how to clean your makeup brushes.

How much and Where Should I buy?

I bought mine Php 500 ($10) at Shopee.

How you would know the Synthetic Brush?

Based on my experience, when I bought my synthetic brush, it was smell like a gas or something bad, but not so much bad it’s smell a little of gas. You have to clean it before to use.

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  1. Wow salamat sa info momshie newbie ako lalo na sa makeup hehe ayun pala ang 2types of brush natural and synthetic šŸ˜šŸ‘ at may differences sila noted

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