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A Guide to DIY Brazilian Cold Wax.

You heard it right, brazilian wax is not a new thing to women. However, some of my friends haven’t done it in a waxing salon or diy, and their thoughts are so much painful about it. It’s not painful based on my experience, I dunno but I think I have a high tolerance in pain. If you’re like me then you are lucky, welcome to the club. I’m here to share with you about DIY brazilian wax, yeah! I love Do-it-Yourself things.

What is Brazilian Wax?

Most of us are more familiar with the concept of a bikini wax. It’s when an esthetician uses hot wax to get rid of the hair that would be visible if one were to wear a bikini bottom. The Brazilian is basically the same deal—just removing more hair*.* A Brazilian includes the strands along the vagina lips and in your behind. You can opt to leave a triangle or landing strip of hair on top. Or, you can go fully bare. – According to

If you are a first timer

When I did it first time, I know that it’s not easy especially when you know it’s really pain. Before I did it, I watched some brazilian wax method on YouTube, and Baninay told to her viewers, before getting brazilian wax she advise to take an ibuprofen tablet a few hours before waxing to lessen the pain you can watch her experience in a waxing salon here.

Everything you need to prepare

  1. Cold Wax
  2. Paper
  3. Tissue
  4. Spoon

Before anything else, wash your down there and behind. Then, dry it with your towel. Get the cold wax with the spoon and get the right amount you need, then fold it and fold it until you reach your desire texture. Apply it on the side of the vulva,from vagina lip to the vulva, then apply the paper on the top, hold it for 30 seconds then you need to take the deep breath and pull the paper from vagina lip to vulva quickly and hold the vulva with your bare hand for 10 seconds to lessen the pain. After that, gently wipe the vulva with the tissue. And that’s it! Do it again with another side.

How to know if I’m ready to wax again?

I promise to you that you will never go back to razor once you experience this brazilian wax. You can do it monthly, and you need to grow your pubic hair the longer the better before do it.

Wax VS. Shave

Wax is something will give you a pain on the process but after that it will give you a perfect confidence (especially when you are married) I had to admit that my husband loves it 😁. The hair will grow in 4 weeks and it’s not itch on the skin.

Shave is something very easy to do, you can do it like 5 minutes but after 24 hours the hair starts to grow a bit and it’s really itchy, you can’t wear a leggings because you might feel bush.

Would I do it again?

Yes, actually, it was my second time to do it and share it here. I hope this helps you a lot about diy brazilian wax.

Do you have some experience about Brazilian Wax? Share it on comment below.

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  1. I am not brave enough to do it. My previous beauty parlor waxing technician said she would do it without hurting me but I was still too afraid 😀

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