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DIY Hair Bleach and Hair Color.

Today, I’m going to share my idea on how to DIY Bleach and Color your Hair. I’ve seen a lot of hair pastel pink color and I’m thinking to bleach my hair at that time. But sometimes, I feel worried about bleaching my hair. I decided to color my hair using Loreal Hair Paris Rose Gold on New Year’s Eve, I also loved the result of my hair before. As time flies go fast, I decided to DIY bleach my hair and color it with Ash, I’m glad that I saw Siren Hair Ph on Facebook. The owner Mariel is friendly and of course pretty. She guided me through the process of bleaching.

First thing to know..

Know the length of your hair. If your hair is short, you need a 1 set (bleaching kit, hair dye, and treatments). If your hair is medium like mine, you need 2 sets.

What’s Next?

You need to prepare the following

  1. Plastic Container
  2. Comb
  3. Big Hair Clip
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Gloves

Bleaching time..

Before anything else, apply the coconut oil from Siren Hair PH to your dry hair for some protection. Mix the Oxidizing Solution with the bleach in a plastic container, it’s important that you have your gloves to protect your hands. Okay, so, make a portion onto your hair or make it your half like what I did in the photo. Make a portion again and apply the bleach on your hair. Repeat it until you make it on the top of your hair. Wait for 40 mins. Or until you reach the level of hair you desire. After 40 mins, rinse your hair.

Coloring time..

This is my inspiration to do this hair.

Mix the hair Dye and the color developer in a plastic container. After that make your hair in half using your big hair clip. Make sure you have your gloves on your hand. Make a portion again and apply the color on your hair. Repeat it until you reach on the top of your hair, then comb it carefully and wait for 40 mins. Rinse your hair after 40 mins, dry your hair and apply the keratin and the treatment on your hair. I didn’t apply the keratin because it’s not advisable on breastfeeding mom.

How much is the set and Where to buy?

1 set is Php500 the inclusions are bleaching kit, 1 hair dye and treatment.

You can buy at Siren Hair PH.

You can see my results day by day below. I really love my hair now.

What can you say about my new hair color?


So, after two weeks, I decided to color my hair again with color Ash and I also bought Purple Shampoo and Conditioner from Siren Hair. Here are my photos from Before I color my hair again and after.

1 hair dye (color ash) is Php 270

The two photos from right to down were I colored another 1 ash and I also used Puprle hair shampoo and conditioner.

Purple Shampoo and Conditioner is Php 320.

Xo, Nicole 😘 The All Around Mom

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