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Hot Wax VS. Cold Wax.

Waxing can be really confusing specially when you are new into it. It was introduced to me by a friemd last year and I can say that it is really life changing for me as a mom.

Waxing not only removes unwanted hair but exfoliates the skin, removing along with hair, dirt particles that stay trapped in the pores also eliminating the dead skin cells. -According to Women Now.

What is Hot Wax?

Hot wax is required a heat to melt down the wax. The contents are you can found in a hot wax are Natural tree resin, natural beeswax and vegetable oil.

How to use a hot wax?

Instruction using Hot Wax


  • It really removes unwanted hair from roots.
  • Perfect for intimate areas.
  • Good for removing shorter hair.
  • It does not leave a sticky in the skin.
  • Less reddening.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.


  • It does noy easy to wax a large area.
  • You need more time to do this.

It was my second time to use this. It is only takes 1-2 mins to melt the wax from the heat. And let it cool for 2-3 mins and until consistency is similar to honey not too hot. What I did was I used the spatula and spread the wax on the skin with unwanted hair you can see in my photos below. I can say that I more likely hot waxing. Because it is the easiest for me to do when removing unwanted hair from underarm to bikini.

What is Cold Wax?

Honey Cold Wax is no heating needed. It means you can use it instantly.

How to use Cold Wax?


  • Convenient
  • No heating needed
  • Less time to prepare


  • It’s not really work for hairy area.
  • It’s mess when applying.

As you can see in my photo, cold wax is not work on my area although it was my first trial it should’ve work at least on a few hair. I’ve tried to used a candy cold wax on my intimate area, I’m so happy on the result.


Do not use any deodorant, powder etc at least 24 hours after waxing.

Do not wash it with water, just wipe it using a cotton or towel.

Hot waxing is what really work for me right now and it is the easiest for me. But it doesn’t mean that what works for me will work for you so you better to try it and figure it out.

Xo, Nicz ❤

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