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Differences between BB, CC, and DD cream.

When I was new into the makeup world, I had no idea about these alphabetical cream like BB, CC, DD and I just knew that there is also a EE Cream.

BB Cream

So what is the BB, CC, DD AND EE CREAM?

  1. BB CREAM – BB stands for Blemish Balm. BB cream good for dry skin, good enough for coverage with some light blemishes. It contains moisturizer, sunblock, and foundation in one. What I love of using bb cream its because it is great for everyday makeup, it’s very light if you want a natural makeup look go for BB Cream.
Differences between BB Cream and other creams

Here are the lists of BB Cream that you can buy to Watsons. Tried and Tested by me.

2. CC Cream – or color correcting, usually suitable for a person who has reddish skin. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any of CC Cream but I gathered some lists from other.

3. DD Cream – or Daily Defense or Dynamic Do-All, I think it is more of SPF and good for some daily outdoor activity.

4. EE Cream – or Extra Exfoliator this is the day I knew that EE Cream exists. Yay, good to know that you can also use this as a primer or as a last in your skincare regimen. It is also not recommended for daily uses.

Do you know what’s really good for you? Is it a BB cream, CC Cream, DD Cream or EE Cream? Let me know in the comment box below.

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