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How to Own Cindy’s Business Dealership for Only 50K?

With bread being one of the country’s staple food, the bakery business
is one venture that may potentially bring multiple returns with just a
minimal investment. Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant understands that,
that is why they have come up with this exciting business opportunity
that is perfect for every Filipino Entrepreneur.

A Cindy’s Bakery Dealership is basically wholesale and re-selling
the arrangement entered into by either seasoned or aspiring
entrepreneurs, typically, merchants who already run a food service, or
those inclined in establishing a food business, who wish to have an
authorized sales outlet for Cindy’s Bakery products in their area. With
Cindy’s Dealership Program there is no Franchise or Dealership Fee; you
only have to give a minimum of Fifty Thousand (P50,000.00) Pesos cash
the bond which is payable 15 days before the target store opening (note:
the cash bond is refundable). Cindy’s will also provide signage and
gondola, and all marketing collaterals as promotional support. With
Cindy’s Dealership Program, there is a higher success rate due to its
the business model rather than starting a bakery from scratch.

What to consider when applying for Cindy’s Bakery Dealership:
1. Take time to learn about Cindy’s Dealership. Study the business and
make sure that this Program will particularly fit your venture among
other business opportunities. Call and look for Cindy’s assigned account
executives per area that can discuss this in person.
2. Look for a good location. Location is a primary aspect to have a
successful Cindy’s Dealership. Study the environment and see if the surroundings and local rules make it feasible for the business and its
3. Take time to know your future customers. Your product should suit
your prospective buyers. Think of the particular Cindy’s products that
the people in your location are familiar with and would regularly

47 Years and Counting: Savoring Great Moments with Cindy’s


Through the years, Filipinos’ love and passion for food has always been linked to good taste and familiarity. One of the pioneers in the field of breads and pastries, and the Filipino snacks that we all loved is Cindy’s. 

Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant started out in 1972, as a bakery and refreshment shop in Tarlac City; with a vision to become the top choice for freshly baked breads and delicacies using traditional recipes imparted with consistent freshness and taste.

Now being remembered for its original jingle “Cindy’s is the Place to Be” which has gained public attention due to its upbeat rhythm and catchy lines; Good Food in a Good Place was initially its direction. With its product quality and affordability, Cindy’s became the food destination of choice among Filipino customers. 

Aside from the classic Cindy’s favorites such as its signature Pansit Palabok and Halo-halo, that has made it a well-loved brand; its product heritage has included the Best-Selling Ube Ensaymada, Brownie Bites, Egg Pie plus a lot of new and exciting selections from cakes to fresh from the oven specialties. These products has been consistently introduced through the years of solid growth and expansion with branches and dealerships as far as Ilocos, all the way down to Metro Manila.

With its relentless commitment, Cindy’s has emerged as one of the strong pioneers with an extensive network across Luzon; a wide array of breads and food products that continuously convey Filipino Heritage and therefore captured a growing market of loyal customers, in its relentless pursuit of bringing deliciousness in every Filipino household.  

To date, there are a total of 71 branches (including 20 Oven Fresh Counters & 9 Quick Service Restaurants), and over a hundred Dealers across 12 provinces and covering major cities in Luzon.  

In terms of product offerings, Cindy’s hopes to focus on further innovating current bakeshop offerings, particularly its bread varieties, savory buns, cakes and other oven fresh products.

The brand has sustained an old tradition of pleasure for some of the well-loved comfort food, 47 Fruitful Years later… Filipino Families still continue to Savor Great Moments with Cindy’s.

Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant 

Cindy’s Commissary

Romulo Highway, Barangay Tibag,

Tarlac City, Philippines

Tel: +63(45) 491-1316/ +63(45) 982-0748

Fax: +63(45) 982-0748



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