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2 Local Skincare Brand You Should Try

When I became a mom, I didn’t realize that we should do the self-care especially when we are a mom now. Even though you have a short time you must do it before you start your day. Before I start my day, I do my skincare routine which is my skin maintenance I do it day and night. 

Before I try this 2 local skincare brand, I used Korean skincare from Real Kill which is the 10-steps Korean Skincare. That was great but you have 1 hour to do that routine, so, I decided to less my skincare steps using these 2 local skincare brand. 

First Local Skincare Brand I tried – The Go Glass Resurfacing set 

This is my first local brand and glad that it’s really affordable. You can get the resurfacing set for only 370 pesos. These includes:

The Go Glass

  • Resurfacing Bar – This bar is the first step for your skincare routine after you removed your makeup. I love that the resurfacing bar removes excess oil and dirt from my face. The smell is mild but I think not for sensitive skin. You can use this twice a day morning and night.
  • Resurfacing Toner – I love the toner because it makes my pores tighten and you can literally get a glass skin after applying it. The smell is really strong and really not for sensitive skin. You can use it twice a day morning and night. 
  • Skin Shield – It would be your sunscreen, you need it even though you are not going outside, but in case you will need that. The smell is good, it really gives my skin smoothness. You can use every morning only.
  • Skin Salve Serum– It’s like the other Korean serum I tried, and it will tighten your pores as well. You will see the good result in the morning. Use it every night only.

The Go Glass Resurfacing Bar really gives my skin a glass skin that I want, that’s the only I noticed in 3 weeks of using it. Honestly, I didn’t have a chance to capture my BEFORE photo but I have my AFTER and very honest review here. You can use the set for 30 days. 

The Go Glass Resurfacing Set is perfect for you if..

You only need maintenance to your skin, if your skin is not really sensitive and you have a low budget then The Go Glass Resurfacing Set is perfect for you. They also have a Brightening Set, I haven’t tried it yet. 

Second Local Skincare Brand I Tried – Fresh Formula

Last week, Fresh Formula just launched their skincare products. But before that, the first 50 glow getter got first dibs of different series of their skincare. I’m happy that time because I’m one of the glow getters to try their new skincare line first. I got the Glass Skin Series the price is 999pesos per set. These includes:

Fresh Formula

  • Milky Glow Illuminating Facial Wash – I totally love this, the smell is very mild, my skin is smooth and it makes me fresh during the day after using it. You can use it morning and night.
  • Rosy Glow Toner – This toner is 10 for me, it lightens my skin, it tightens my pores and I feel like that my skin is happy. The smell is good but not mild as the Milky Glow. You can use it morning and night.
  • Morning Glow – This is the last step of your skincare morning routine, Morning Glow is a purpose to brighten our skin and also give some moisture. Make sure to apply sunscreen if you will go outside. You can only use it every morning. Note: This contain Vitamin A that may not suitable for pregnant and lactating moms, ask your pedia/OB before use.
  • Golden Glow – This would be your last step for your night skincare routine, it’s my first time to see a serum that contains glitter. You can only use this every night. 

It’s been 3 weeks now that I’m using it as my skincare and I literally love it so much. I have my DAY 1 AND SO ON photos here. They also have other skincare series this might help you to address your skin concerns. 

Photo from Fresh Formula

Edit: Some mommies asked me if these products are safe for pregnant/lactating women.

The Go Glass is safe for Pregnant and Lactating.

But the Fresh Formula said, it is better to consult your pedia or your OB.

You can do this skincare routine for 5 minutes, I guess no more excuses for a mom like me, right? 

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