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The Existing Launch of Fotona StarWalker at Primorosa Aesthetic Center.

Last week, I visited Primorosa Center for a whitening facial treatment, it was a great experience because of Dra. Jaimee and her staff are so friendly and since it’s my first time to have a whitening facial, they let me know every step of facial. 

Anyways, Dra. Jaimee introduced to me the Angel White Laser which is good for underarm whitening, chicken skin, it’s actually like an all-one laser, for panda eyes (like me LOL), and treatments for the body. Primorosa Aesthetic Center is the first and only clinic in Bulacan that has Fotona StarWalker. The existing launch of Fotona StarWalker happened on August 16 and August 17.

What is Fotona StarWalker?

Pigmented lesions and uneven skin tone are common skin issues that keep you from achieving spotless, clear skin. Even after using skin whitening creams and serums, you can never truly make these dark spots go away. The best solution, the StarWalker laser treatments. 

So, basically, StarWalker is a laser that can improve skin texture and tone, lighten the skin, no bleeding and scars. It’s absolutely safe and effective. 

What are the Fotona StarWalker Treatments?

Treatments for Face

  1. AngelWhite Laser – Revitalize and lighten skin with 4D AngelWhite Laser treatment, StarWalker’s 4-dimensional approach to whitening. It uses Thermalase to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, VenuLase to remove visible veins, VascuLase to get rid of deeper, darker pigmentation, and BriteLase to brighten the complexion. 
  2. Panda Eye Lightening – Lack of sleep can cause dark circles to appear under your eye. These make you look older than your real age and tired and haggard. Brighten your eye area and banish eye bags away with Panda Eye Lightening treatment.

Treatments for Body

  1. DeoLase – Plucking, frequent shaving, and harsh deodorants may cause underarm skin to darken. For velvet-smooth feel and whiter underarms, you need the DeoLase treatment. 
  2. Body Bright – Lighten skin all over with Body Bright. This full-body brightening treatment effectively whitens skin to give you a more even skin tone and radiant, youthful glow. Use Body Bright to lighten elbows, knees and other dark spots on your body.
  3. Laser Tattoo Removal – Unwanted Tattoos used to be nearly impossible to remove. But with StarWalker it’s as easy as 1 2 3. 

Here are some BEFORE AND AFTER photos of StarWalker Treatments. 

Photo from Primorosa
Photo from Primorosa

They also have other Services 

  • Facial
  • Slimming Services ( needs doctor’s assessment) 
  • Non-Surgical nose lift
  • Waxing/Threading
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Eyelash Extension

If you have inquiries feel free to contact 0926-927-2888. Or visit their website 

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Have you experienced one of these treatments? What’s your thought?

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