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Product Review: iWhite Korea BB Holic Review

I have to admit that I’m not loyal when it comes to all beauty products like makeup and skincare. But this time, I found myself using the same BB Cream in almost 2 years. Wow! Right? So far, I only tried 3 BB Cream including the iWhite BB Holic and I absolutely love it. 

What is BB Cream?

BB stands for Blemish Balm cream. For me it’s an all-in-one Cream because if I’m not mistaken BB Cream contains moisturizer, SPF, foundation, and primer. BB Cream are different from other creams like CC, DD and EE cream

iWhite Korea BB Holic is a multi-tasking BB Cream that provides several makeup and skincare benefits. 

Let’s Try to Apply This BB Holic.. 

You can see my bare face here below. I don’t apply any BB Cream yet. 

Bare Face
Left: Without BB Cream
Left Without Right With BB Cream
Added BB Cream with my liptint

iWhite Korea BB Holic Shades

This BB Holic have 2 shades only. 

Light and Beige. I picked the Beige because I have a yellow skin tone. I guess who has pink skin tone belongs to the Light shade. 

How much is iWhite Korea BB Holic? 

It’s only 25pesos in sachet. The full size is 280 something pesos, sorry I’m not sure of the exact price. I forgot LOL. 

Where I can Buy? 

iWhite Korea BB Holic Cream is available at Watsons, Mercury and SM Beauty. 

My thoughts about this product

Honestly, I’m using it for almost 2 years because first I love the shade, and it doesn’t look like that I’m wearing makeup. You can truly achieve the no makeup, makeup look in BB Holic. The consistency is perfect, you will not feel the sticky feeling or malagkit, hindi siya mahirap i-blend, super light on face and perfect for filipina skin. 

The smell is very mild, which I love, I think it is also important to consider. Right? 

It’s really perfect for everyday use, and for any occasion if you don’t have much blemish or acne problems in skin. 

Tip: If your skin is oily, you can still use it. My skin is combination with oily. You just have to add powder on your under eye, chin and forehead. 

What is the best BB Cream for you? Did you already tried this? Share your thoughts below. 

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